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Our company began in 1972 in a small location in Oakland California, the brain child of two dedicated aquarists, making our company the oldest manufacturer of acrylic aquariums and filtration products in the country. In 1977 we moved to our present location in Hayward California. In recent years CNC, vacuum forming and proprietary methods of manufacture have made TRUVU a leader in the aquarium and filtration market.
TruVu 3' Connector Hose


TruVu 3' Threaded Connector Kit


TruVu 6' Connector Hose


TruVu 6' Threaded Connector Kit


TruVu DelRey Wet/Dry Model 125


TruVu DelRey Wet/Dry Model 240


TruVu DelRey Wet/Dry Model 75


TruVu Exp-1 external overflow


TruVu Platinum Series Basic Sump Model 180


TruVu Platinum Series Basic Sump Model 300