Coralife T5 High Output Lamp Actinic 30 Inch

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Coralife Replacement 27.75 inch, 420nm Actinic, 31 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp

The Coralife 27.75 inch, 420nm Actinic, 31 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps are 27.75 inches from end of pin to end of pin (for 30 inch fixtures/retrofits).

The Coralife T5 bulbs will work in any T5 fixture, as long as you are using bulbs of the same wattage as those currently in your fixture. T5 bulbs come in two categories, HO bulbs (24W, 31W, 39W or 54W) and NOs (9W, 14W, 21W or 28W). T5s are 5/8" or .625" in diameter.

100% blue actinic 03 phosphor that peaks at 420 nanometers. True Actinic 03 Blue provides light in the 420 nanometer range that reflects color pigments in organisms such as corals, fish and invertebrates causing them to fluoresce glowing colors. It's spectrum resembles that of the absorption peak of chlorophyll-a which is the most important pigment found in plant cells.

All fluorescent bulbs have a 30-day warranty. Because fluorescent light bulbs are extremely fragile, they require special handling and packaging for safe transport. The special packaging we use for fluorescent bulbs accommodates multiple bulbs so the more you buy, the more you save.

  • 420nm Actinic
  • Essential for high coral and invertebrate growth. Peaking at 420nm, it emits the necessary energy required for zooxanthallae symbiosis to develop.

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