Coralife Super Luft Pump SL-38

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Coralife SL-38 Super Luft Aquarium Air Pump

The Coralife SL-38 Super Luft Aquarium Air Pump produces a high-pressure output perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other high-pressure/high-flow devices. Also suitable for limewood and other airstones, foam filters, corner filters, under-gravel filters, and air-driven ornaments, especially in deep-water applications.

Coralife is one of the market’s leading manufacturers of premium aquarium products. The brand is best known for their comprehensive line of aquarium lights, protein skimmers and calcium reactors. Coralife’s unique line of aquarium accessories—protective gloves for maintenance and coral propagation, accurate and affordable digital thermometers and hydrometers—set Coralife apart from other brands and have created quite a following among aquarium hobbyists. With an ever-expanding and diverse product line coupled with customer support that is second-to-none, Coralife sets the bar high for aquarium supply manufacturers and they will no doubt continue to wow aquarists with their innovative, low-cost solutions for years to come.


  • 2.9 PSI and 38 LPM output
  • Magnetic piston pump
  • High flow rate
  • Great for multiple aquarium setups
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Removable air filter
  • Adjustable 4-outlet metal valve
  • 6-outlet plastic valve
  • Vibration-dampening rubber base for quiet operation
  • Heavy duty, powder-coated aluminum housing
  • One year limited warranty
  • Power Supply: 120V / 60Hz


      • Output Pressure: 2.9 PSI
      • Output Flow Rate: 1.34 cubic feet/min (38 liters/min)
      • Wattage: 22W
      • Amperage: 0.2A
      • Dimensions: 5"L x 3"W x 4"H


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