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Pacific Coast Imports


Founded in 1988 Pacific Coast Imports has been a premier importer of quality aquarium products in the United States. With over 20 years experience, Pacific Coast Imports has been an integral part of design and maintenance in some of the worlds largest and most respected zoos and public aquariums. Founded on the principle that quality is absolutely necessary when manufacturing aquarium products. Pacific Coast Imports trusts only the best products in our their holding tanks and systems, why should you trust any less? Pacific Coast Imports' knowledge in aquarium husbandry with an emphasis on life support for coldwater marine fish and invertebrates gives them the experience you can count on. This background experience of marine life is utilized when selecting their products. So you can be assured that all of Pacific Coast Imports' products are the best quality. Additionally Pacific Coast Imports backs everything with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Pacific Coast Imports Gen-X Reactor Media,...