Mag Float Cleaner Model 125 Glass

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Mag-Float-125 Medium Glass Aquarium Cleaner

Floating magnetic aquarium cleaner essential for routine maintenance

Keep your hands dry while you scrub away nuisance algae

The easiest way to remove algae for simple aquarium maintenance

The Mag-Float-125 Medium Glass Aquarium Cleaner is recommended for use with glass aquariums up to 125 gallons with a surface thickness up to 3/8”.

The Mag-Float’s Powerful rare earth neodymium magnets enable the easy removal of algae. By dragging the Mag-Float on the outside of the tank, the Mag-Float on the other side of the glass/acrylic surface follows, scraping off the algae with the pad. Most impressively, you will no longer get wet cleaning off the algae from your glass/acrylic aquarium. It will simply float up allowing easy retrieval. Therefore, with its unique floating feature allows easy and efficient movement around the corners of fish tanks, and you will no longer knock over decorations, damage corals and invertebrates. The cleaning Velcro pad remains free of sand or gravel, thus preventing scratching. The ABS plastic, injected molded and toxic free, allows the Mag-Float to be left attached to your aquarium surface at all times. This makes it convenient, and practical for the next clean up job.

Floats up to top for easy pickup. No more reaching your hand into the tank to retrieve. Strong enough to go around corners of the tank. Glass tanks only.

Having a Mag-Float® on hand is as essential for aquarium maintenance as keeping a net and bucket near your aquarium. Scrub away algae without ever getting your hands wet, thanks to its clever magnet-on-magnet design. Simply drag the no-scratch, felt-lined handle, and inside your aquarium, the scrubber follows, cleaning as it goes. Better yet, if the magnets separate, the scrubber floats right back to the surface, so you'll never have to dig around on the bottom. Models available for either glass or acrylic aquariums.


  • Product dimensions: (3-7/8” x 1-3/8” x 1”)
  • The Mag-Float cleaners contain special abrasive velcro pads that remove algae from the surface of your aquarium.
  • The Mag-Float floats when the inner magnet separates from the outer magnet.  Because you never have to reach into the aquarium, not only can you stay clean and dry, but you also avoid toxic lotions or soap residue on your skin from getting into your aquarium water.
  • Can be used on freshwater and saltwater tanks.
  • Magnet does not lose strength over time.


Model: Float-125
Up to Gals.: 125
(Lts): (473)
Glass / Thickness: 3/8"
(MM): (10)

Instructions for Use:

  1. Clean the outside aquarium surface thoroughly before each use.
  2. Do NOT use Mag-Float® above waterline or on dry glass.
  3. Use Mag-Float® only on aquarium material, size, and thickness of glass specified.
  4. Remove all debris from the Mag-Float® prior to use.
  5. Leave the Mag-Float® attached to the aquarium surface.
  6. Do not place magnets together outside of the aquarium after its initial use, unless:
    • Magnets are completely dry. For longer durability, maintain the felt on the magnet's dry side (logo side that is placed on the exterior aquarium surface). This portion of the magnet does not float.
    • KEEP THE Mag-Float® AWAY FROM CHILDREN and electronic devices such as computers or pace makers.

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