Hagen Shrimp Nano Tank Fine-Foam

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Hagen Fluval Nano Fine Foam Pad, 2 Pack

Replacement Fluval Nano Fine Foam Pad for the Fluval Nano Internal Aquarium Filter (used in the Ebi Nano Shrimp Habitat and Flora Aquatic Plant Kit).

  • Hagen
  • http://www.hagen.com/usa/
  • The Hagen group of companies was founded by Mr. Rolf C. Hagen in 1955 as a one man operation in Montreal. With careful and effective management decisions and the help of his two brothers Dieter and Horst, Mr. Hagen has nurtured the family of companies into the largest and most effective privately run pet manufacturer and distributor in the world. With more than forty years of experience offering quality service, it now directly employs thousands worldwide.

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