Ecoxotic 24V Wall Transformer for Stunner LEDs & Panorama Pro

CODE: XX08006


In Stock

Transformer required for powering up to 6, 6W Ecoxotic Stunner LED lighting strips. Required and not included with Ecoxotic Stunner LED Strips.

  • Ecoxotic
  • Ecoxotic grew out of a small tribe of aquarium hobbyists who believed the focus of the aquarium industry was no longer on the hobbyist.  Keeping an aquarium has become a chore, they are too complicated, and the industry is fraught with inefficiencies and mis-information. Essentially, the thrill of having an aquarium is gone.

    So, we created a company where we could be more creative, spread our passion for change, and cultivate a new tribe of hobbyists.  Focusing on our core beliefs has resulted in a product line that is simple, elegant, easy-to-use and makes fish keeping fun again.

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