Coralife Day/Night Power Center With Timer

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Coralife Day/Night Power Center With Timer

24/7 Dual Analog Timer Power Center

The Coralife Dual Analog Power Center is a 24-hour timer ideal for all lighting systems that make lighting cycle applications easier.

  • Made specifically for Coralife Aqualights, but will work just as well with Current USA Orbits and Satellites, and Hamilton Metal Halides
  • Controls 3 Sets of Lights (i.e. daylight bulbs, actinic bulbs and LED Lights). The alternating timer controls up to two Power Compact Actinic Outlets and two Lunar Light Outlets. The Day-Shift Timer controls up to three 10,000K Daylight Outlets. The constant power outlet controls one more outlet.
  • 15 Minute interval settings
  • Can be used as a wavemaker—creating natural rhythmic waves. Great for switching water pumps to create alternating water currents. The Power Center can control two sets of water pumps using the alternating timer (total of four outlets) at 15 minute intervals (min.) or more to create a wave-maker application. The two sets of outlets will interchange between each other based on the timer setting. This wave-maker application creates a natural rhythm in your aquarium that replicates ocean tidal movements. NOTE: The Aqualight Power Center Timer can be used EITHER as a light timer or a wavemaker, not for both.
  • Up to 1875 Watts
  • The Aqualight Power Center Timer is a day-night dual timer device that provides complete 24-hour lighting cycles. With this timer you can do the dawn/dusk effect and also control lunar lights during the night.

Note: Some of the timers being sent to us by Coralife are the New Style with rotating outlet covers and some the Old Style with the sliding outlet covers. They are essentially the same timer with the same part number.


  • 2 Daytime Outlets
  • 2 Nighttime Outlets
  • 3 Day-Shift Outlets
  • 1 Constant Power Outlet
  • 15 Minute Interval Settings
  • Controls 3 Sets of Lights
  • 8 Outlets
  • Multiple Timer Settings
  • On/Off Switch
  • Alternating Timer
  • UL listed

Coralife Day/Night Power Center With Timer User Manual (PowerCenterDualTimer.pdf, 5,395 Kb) [Download]

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