Current USA Gamma 15 Watt UV Sterilizer

CODE: CU01401



The ultimate tank and pond cleaner-upper. Its state-of-the-art design dramatically increases ultraviolet exposure time - ensuring water stays crystal clear. An excellent choice for koi ponds and watergardens, the Gamma UV will keep water crystal clear and help maintain a balanced ecosystem.


  • Eliminates Green Water
  • Destroys Protozoa, Bacteria & algae
  • Keeps Water Crystal Clear
  • Versatile, Multiple installation methods
  • Spiral Flow Design
  • T5 Lamp for Maximum contact time
  • Water-tight design, Heavy duty PVC construction
  • Made In the USA

Unleash The Rays

  • Each Gamma UV includes a powerful T5 low pressure UV emitting lamp - efficiently producing a stable wavelength of 260nm. Coupled with our performance engineered driving system the T5 lamps have an incredible effective life of 8,000-12,000 hours. Each lamp operates within a quartz sleeve that has a 99% transmission factor and allows the lamp to operate at its optimum temperature. Gamma UV lamps are the only lamp provided with Anti-Arc, a specially formulated electrical compound that not only extends lamp life, but provides pin protection from condensation and salt.

Close Proximity

  • The Gamma UV delivers the optimal size body for optimal exposure. A 2" UV inhibited body ensures a high sterilization rate and will not degrade over time. Every drop of water passes within 1/2" of the quartz sleeve and lamp, maximizing UV exposure for superior disinfection.

Super Versatile

  • Inline or self-contained, under the cabinet or hang-on-the-back, the Gamma UV has more installation options than any other sterilizer on the market. Straight out of the box, the Gamma can be plumbed inline either under the cabinet or hang-on-the-back style. Add a power head and the Gamma can be transformed into a self-contained cleaning machine for either sump or back-of-the-aquarium applications.

Commercial Grade Construction

  • Heavy duty black PVC housing, built to withstand internal and external UV exposure, makes it not only a great choice for aquariums, but also for ponds and fountains. A single-ended T5 lamp makes lamp installation and replacement a snap. The water-tight lamp removal port ensures safe operation in demanding aquatic applications.
  • Quartz-tuned, compact UV sterilizer, with 1-T5 lamp. Designed to emit a massive ultraviolet dosage by continually circulating water within one-half inch of the lamp, destroying all free-floating micro-organisms in its universe.


Model Application Watts Recommended
Flow (gph)
Inlet/Outlet # of Lamps Max. Aquarium
Max. Pond
1401Aquarium Only15 watts7003/4" Barb175 gal.N/A48" x 4.25" x 2"


Note: You will need at least 4 feet of clear hose

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Gamma UV Sterilizer Manual (gamma_uv_aquarium.pdf, 497 Kb) [Download]

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