Current USA 70 Watt 14K HQI Halide Lamp

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The Current USA HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp, 70W, can be used to replace any 70W HQI Double Ended metal halide lamp. The 14K color temperature is most commonly used with reef aquariums.

The Right Peak

  • PowerPaq lamps represent a new level in illumination, emitting the high intensity and crisp color rendition your corals crave. These lamps are manufactured with precision, which deliver consistent halide temperatures and higher maintained light output over the life of the lamp. Each lamp is put through vigorous testing and quality control which includes a burn-in process to stretch the filament and ensure proper wavelength emission.

Believe Your Eyes

  • PowerPaq lamps deliver a whole new world of brightness and illumination. Our engineers have created the ultimate rapid start halides with a special igniter and higher gas fill pressure. The result is full brightness and quick re-strike in 50% less time. This combination also produces more lumens per watt and longer lamp life.

Twice As Bright

  • When coupled with Current’s proprietary electronic driving system, PowerPaq lamps produce the highest lumen per watt of any comparable HID lamp. High lumen output means not only significant energy savings - it means your corals will grow faster and stay healthier.


  • 70w MH are great or that little nono tank you've been wanting to set up, best for tanks 20" high or under


    Model Description Base Type
    206870 watt 14,000K HQI MHDouble Ended
  • Current USA
  • Once you experience Outer Orbit, nothing will ever look the same! This spectacular 24-hour lighting solution combines our 10,000k PowerPaq HQI Metal Halide(s), SunPaq Dual Actinics and Moon White Lunar Lights into one sleek, integrated fixture that brings out the real colors in your reef tank.

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