Coralife Replacement 9 inch, 10K, 6 Watt T5 Fluorescent Lamp

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Coralife Aqualight High Output FRESHWATER T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 2X54W, 48 inch

The Coralife Aqualight High Output T5 FRESHWATER 48 inch Fixture provides significantly more light than conventional fluorescent systems. The Coralife Aqualight High Output T5 Fixtures are an excellent choice for freshwater aquariums.

  • Low profile. Dimensions without legs: 2.25" tall X 48" long X 6" wide. With legs the fixture is 3.75" tall.
  • Does not include a fan.
  • Adjustable Mounting Legs included. 
  • Includes one 54 watt 6700K Daylight Lamp and one 54 watt Colormax Lamp.
  • Single power cord & built in on/off switch.
  • Acrylic splash guard.

Recommended Accessories:

  • To keep the light cycle consistent, we highly recommend using a timer.

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