Coralife Digital Power Center/Timer

CODE: ES01692



Coralife Digital Power Center/Timer

The Aqualight Digital Power Center is a 24-hour day-night alternating timer device that is ideal for all Aqualight lighting systems. The unit can be set to turn on/off 7 times per day at different days of the week. The Aqualight Digital Power Center has 4 constant -power outlets and 4 alternating timer- controlled outlets (2 daytime and 2 nighttime) to make the day and night lighting applications easier to manage. The digital feature allows the alternating timer to set the day-night cycle at different times of the day at different days of the week. When the 2 daytime timer-controlled outlets are on, the 2 nighttime timer-controlled outlets are off.

Day-Night Timer he Power Center is a day-night dual timer device that provides complete 24-hour lighting cycles from dawn, noon, dusk and nighttime. WAVE-MAKER APPLICATION The Power Center can control two sets of water pumps using the alternating timer (total of four outlets) at 15 minute intervals (min.) or more to create a wave-maker application. The two sets of outlets will interchange between each other based on the timer setting. This wave-maker application creates a natural rhythm in your aquarium that replicates ocean tidal movements.


  • 8-Outlet Timer/Power Strip 4 timer-controlled outlets
  • 7 time cycle settings
  • Alternates daytime and nighttime outlets
  • Can be set to turn on/off 7 times per day at different days of the week
  • 4 constant-power outlets
  • Master on/off control switch
  • 3-foot heavy-duty power cord
  • Sliding outlet safety covers
  • 3-prong grounded plug and outlets
  • 15 amp 120 volt (1875 watts max.) circuit breaker
  • UL listed
  • Battery backup for power outages

User Manual (PowerCenterDigital.pdf, 1,756 Kb) [Download]

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