Brightwell Aquatics Reef BioFuel 2 Ltr

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Liquid carbon source boosts aquarium biological filtration

Natural phosphate and nitrate reduction in marine aquariums

Boost bacterioplankton growth to reduce aquarium nutrient levels

Brightwell Reef BioFuel 2Ltr

Replace the expensive and complicated "vodka method" to achieve low aquarium nutrients. Brightwell Aquatics Reef BioFuel Bioavailable Carbon Source is a completely safe and biologically-sound method to microbial activity enhancement. Easy-dose Reef BioFuel promotes growth of beneficial microbes to naturally reduce phosphate and nitrate in all marine and reef aquariums.

Reef BioFuel supports beneficial microbial growth and reproduction to increase the rate of phosphate-reduction and denitrification. This natural water quality management works in conjunction with your protein skimmer and existing filtration system. Excellent for use in heavily-stocked, well-fed reef aquariums or to help expedite biological filtration in new aquarium setups.

Use daily in conjunction with testing until optimal water parameters are reached. Reef BioFuel rapidly improves water quality, supports filter feeders and encourages polyp-expansion in all corals.


  • Helps maintain a balanced nutrient-limited marine aquarium. It does that by enabling a hobbyist to enhance the rate of microbial growth & reproduction, increasing the rate of phosphate-reduction & denitrification; this of particular benefit in heavily-stocked, well-fed reef aquaria
  • Replaces the "vodka method" of microbial activity-enhancement with a 100% safe and biologically-sound, non-flammable alternative to vodka or ethanol
  • Indirectly benefits corals & other suspension-feeding invertebrates by encouraging reproduction of bacterioplankton (an important food source for suspension-feeding invertebrates)
  • Encourages polyp-expansion in all corals
  • Can be used to help expedite biological filtration in new set-ups
  • Formulated by a marine scientist


Instructions and Guidelines


Shake product well before using. The main goal of using Reef BioFuel is to provide a source of organic carbon to bacterioplankton, enabling them to assimilate available phosphate and nitrate into new biomass (removing these nutrients from the water column and making them unavailable for uptake by cyanobacteria and algae); the resulting increase in bacterioplankton biomass is then removed from the aquarium via protein skimming and through the feeding activities of suspension-feeding invertebrates such as corals, clams, tube worms, tunicates, sponges, and their respective allies. In this fashion, good water quality is maintained, a food source is provided to many aquarium inhabitants, and a large percentage of the assimilated nutrients are directly removed from the system (via protein skimming).

Do not use this product in any aquarium in which active and effective protein skimming is not in use. The skimmer may be turned off for a few (e.g. 2 to 6) hours following addition of Reef BioFuel to the aquarium to enable nutrient uptake and assimilation, whereupon skimming should be resumed; the use of a timer and automated doser to control protein skimming and dosing is a simple and effective means of accomplishing this. Alternately, the product may be effectively employed without turning skimming off at all.

Grossly overdosing Reef BioFuel will not significantly increase the effectiveness of the product, nor the rate at which it enacts changes in aquaria; in fact, it may have a deleterious effect on water quality if not used as directed. The following recommendations are based upon extensive testing and will produce the best results in most aquaria; dosage may be adjusted according to perceived benefit to aquarium with time.

Medium- to High-nutrient Systems: Add 5 ml (1 capful) per 50 US-gallons (189.3 L) [≈2 drops per gallon (3.8 L)] of aquarium water daily. Monitor concentrations of phosphate and nitrate with accurate test kits; phosphate and nitrate should eventually become immeasurable (or nearly so) when a balance is reached between the rates of nutrient-input and nutrient-assimilation. Thereafter, switch to "low-nutrient" dosage (below).

Low-nutrient Systems: Add 5 ml (1 capful) per 100 US-gallons (378.5 L) [≈ 1 drop per gallon (3.8 L)] of aquarium water daily. With time, hobbyists may determine that decreasing the dosage and/or dosing frequency by up to 50% sufficiently maintains a low-nutrient environment. During changes in biological filtration or when increasing the aquarium bioload, dose 1 drop per 50 US-gallons daily for one week, then resume "low-nutrient" dosage.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Ingredients: Purified Water and Proprietary Blend of ACS Reagent-Grade Organic Carbon Sources.

Brightwell Aquatics BioFuel User Manual (BW01230.pdf, 529 Kb) [Download]

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