Instant Ocean Ocean Master Test Kit

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Aquarium Systems Ocean Master Test Kit Instant Ocean

Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean aquarium test kits make saltwater testing easier than ever before for the beginning hobbyist as well as the experienced aquarist.

The Aquarium Systems Ocean Salt Water Master Test kitsone piece color chip comparator is easier to use than any other saltwater test kit available.

The Aquarium Systems Ocean Salt Water Master Test kitsdurable wide-mouth holder has more room for adding the test chemicals and is more stable to prevent spilling.

Foil packets protect the granular test chemicals from light and moisture and keep them fresh indefinitely


  • Precision saltwater master test kit simplifies essential routine testing
  • Accurately measures pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate
  • Budget-friendly for all saltwater aquarium hobbyists - beginner or expert

Contains the most critical test kits for a saltwater (non reef) aquarium.

Tests For:

  • pH - Range: 7.8 to 8.6
  • Alkalinity - Range: 0 to 5.0 mEq/L
  • Ammonia - Range: 0 to 0.8 mg/L
  • Nitrite-Nitrogen - Dual Range (high and low level readings): 0 to 1.0 and 0 to 10 mg/L (NO-2-N)
  • Nitrate-Nitrogen - Range: 0 to 100 mg/L (NO-3-N)
  • Aquarium Systems
  • Instant Ocean®, the #1 name in sea salts, brings you a new, complete line of science-based products for optimal water care and nutrition. Building on over 45 years of aquarium research and development, this easy-to-understand system uses advanced chemistry to make your marine aquarium-keeping enjoyable and successful. A new generation of excellence and innovation from a name you trust—Instant Ocean.

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Instruction Manual (test_kit.pdf, 20 Kb) [Download]

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