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AquaC Protien Skimmer


AquaC, Inc. began business in 1998 as a small one-man shop in San Diego, California. The company has since grown to become the leading skimmer manufacturer in the USA, selling thousands of units worldwide each year. AquaC's 5,000 square foot production facility in San Diego sets the standard in technology for acrylic fabrication. AquaC employs the use of precision CNC machined parts and use advanced thermoforming techniques to build a product line of unmatched quality and value. Technical Support & Sales 858-689-1121
AquaC Auto-Waste Container 2.5 Liter


AquaC Auto-Waste Container 5 Liter


AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer 40-150 Gal.


AquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer 60-200 Gal.


AquaC EV-240 Protein Skimmer 80-350 Gal.


AquaC EV-400 Protein Skimmer


AquaC Skimmer Box for Remora Pro w/ Mag 3


AquaC Skimmer Box for Remora Pro w/Rio 1400


AquaC Skimmer Box for Remora w/ Maxijet 1200