Aqua Logic 1/5 Horsepower Drop-In Cyclone Chiller

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Aqua Logic 1/5 Horsepower Drop-In Cyclone Chiller

Aqua Logic's Cyclone water chillers revolutionized the industry in 1992 with the introduction of the first helical "drop in" TITANIUM coil. Installs in any tank in just minutes! Drop the coil in a sump or directly in the tank and turn it on, it is that easy! Known for their quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance they quickly became the industry standard for the "drop in" style chillers that all other brands have tried to achieve.

TITANIUM is the only heat exchanger material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems. The Cyclone is built with an oversized helical titanium coil to maximize Btu transfer efficiency. With proper circulation around the coil they are just as efficient as our inline style chillers. The quite, internal, spring mounted hermetic motor/compressor provides years of reliable service. Their low profile and compact design allows for easy placement in tight places.

Each unit comes with a Black ABS plastic cover and remote digital temperature controller.

Aqua Logic 1/5 Horsepower Drop-In Cyclone Chiller

  • 5 ft Flexible Refrigeration Line
  • No Plumbing Required
  • Fresh or Saltwater Use
  • Compact Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Black ABS Cover
  • Remote Electronic Temperature Controller
  • * Ozone Friendly Refrigerant (134A)

LCD Electronic Temperature Controller

This device is operable from a distance of up to 400 feet and has a superior accuracy for pinpoint temperature control of -30 °F to 220 °F. This digital display is easy to read and a pushbutton control allows you to choose selectable heating and cooling modes. It is not easy to find all these features in such an inexpensive monitor. A keypad lockout provides tamperproof protection. EEPROM memory retains control settings during power outage. This is an OEM product for some of the largest industrial chiller & heater manufacturers. Outperforms other thermostats which cost substantially more. Input power requirements 120 or 208/240 volts. Can control heater & chiller of up to 9.8 amps or approx. 1,000 watts! Dimensions: 6.52" x 2.7" x 2.48". Made in the USA. One-year warranty.

LCD Electronic Temperature Controller Features:

  • Temperature range 1 °F to 30 °F
  • +/- 1° F Differential (i.e. can be set to turn on heat at 79° and off at 80°; or turn chiller (or cooling fan) on at 85° and off at 65°, etc.)
  • Easy programming of setpoints, differential and heating/cooling mode using 3 front-mounted buttons. Select F or C scales at the push of a button.
  • Pre-wired with power cord & remote sensor on 8-foot cable. Can be extended up to 400 feet using standard 22 gauge sensor wire (not included)

Chiller Applications:

What makes Aqua Logic's Cyclone chiller unique is the ease of installation. No plumbing is required, just drop the titanium coil directly in your tank and sump and you are ready to start cooling.

Aqua Logic manufactures chillers for a wide variety of applications. Since one chiller does not fit all? we design and build units for specific uses. For example Marine Reef Tanks are typically maintained at a constant temperature of 76° - 78°F while bait tanks are cooler, around 50° - 55°F.

Aqua Logic's "standard" chillers are for applications where the temperature to be maintained is in the range of 65° - 80°F such as reef tanks and warm water fish exhibits. The cool water units (option A with coldwater cap tube) are designed for a temperature range of 50° - 65°F for bait fish and temperate fish exhibits.

This style of chiller is not designed for cold water applications where temperatures need to be maintained below 50°F or when a wide range of temperatures need to maintained.


Model Horsepower BTUH
Size (gal)
Volts Amps Flow Max/Minute
Dimensions Weight
CY-21/51,810Up to 1201153.14614" L x 12" W x 11" H40
  • Aqua Logic
  • Aqua Logic was founded in 1989 to meet the demand for quality products in the live seafood and aquaculture industries. Among the products that Aqua Logic has developed are titanium water chillers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, filters, display and holding tanks. Over the years, the company has expanded the art of aquatic filtration and temperature control to meet the needs of a variety of applications including public aquariums, zoos, theme parks and resorts, research labs and hydroponics facilities worldwide. Aqua Logic provides turnkey solutions for all aquatic life support system applications combining the latest innovations in manufacturing and technology. The company sets the standard in the aquatic life support industry, combining more than 100 years of experience in aquatic filtration, heating and cooling, electronic control systems and engineering. Knowledge of materials and process are the cornerstone of its state of the art manufacturing facility where all Aqua Logic’s products are carefully designed and built by fabricating with titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastics and wood. Whether a customer requires an individual product, a fully integrated skid mounted system pack or a customer system designed to meet a specific LSS requirement, Aqua Logic’s professional team will deliver solutions that are effective and efficient.

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User Manual (DeltaStar-MultiTemp-Air-Cooled-Manual.pdf, 358 Kb) [Download]

Temperature Controller Manual (TR115SN-or-EC115-Controller-Manual.pdf, 37 Kb) [Download]

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