Algae Free Easy Blade Scraper

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algae Free Easy Blade algae Scraper

Another innovative product for you favorite past time which will make the cleaning of your aquarium easier. The new Easy Blade gives you the combined cleaning power of a floating magnet and a blade cleaner.

Easy Blade has a working position and an idle position, leaving it up to you to judge how much cleaning your aquarium walls need. Decide for yourself whether to clean your aquarium as usual, using the algae magnet if the algae that has accumulated comes off easily or to put the Easy Blade into action for the tougher cleaning jobs.

Manual cleaning of the aquarium walls by reaching into the aquarium and using a conventional blade cleaner will be a thing of the past for you.

No more stepping on a chair in order to be able to get your arm into the aquarium and no more stepping down from it and up again in order to see whether all areas of the aquarium are clean. Just use Easy Blade standing in front of your aquarium with everything in sight.

The blade is fastened safely to minimize the risk of injury to humans & animals.

The Easy Blade is a great accessory for floating algae magnets.

Fits these magnets:

  • All algae Free magnets
  • Mag-Float 350
  • Zoo Zajac magnets
  • JBL magnets
  • Amtra magnets
  • Papillon magnets

A small amount of glue (Superglue) is necessary for assembly of Easy Blade. The glue is not included in the delivery.


Blades are not designed to be left underwater for extended periods of time. They should be removed from the aquarium after each use.

  • Algae Free
  • At Algae Free, LLC we make the highest quality aquarium cleaning magnets for use on glass and acrylic aquariums from 10 to 1,000 gallons or with thickness of 1/8" to 1-1/2". Our cleaning magnets are made with Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, one of the strongest magnets in the world! We don`t use surplus magnets -- only new. All of our cleaners are made of the finest, safest and most cost-effective materials available.

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