JBJ 800W True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit

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JBJ introduces the TRUE TEMP digital heater controller

The most accurate and precise controller in the aquarium industry. The all new TRUE TEMP boasts amazing +/- 0.5 F accuracy, a calibration setting, smart memory chip, LED heating indicator, and a large constant LED display of the current temperature.

Maintaining the correct temperature for tropical fish may be the single most imporatant factor for a successful aquarium. Since fish do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, it is crucial that we can provide consistent water temperatures with minimal fluctuations.

Majority of fish cannot cope with stress from constant temperature fluctuations, which leads to a compromised immune system. This increases the probability of avoidable diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections.

100% Digital Operation

Don’t be fooled, some controllers still incoporate analog dials and knobs without the precision accuracy of TRUE digital controllers. True Temp advanced micropressor constantly reads and displays the correct temperature with a LARGE LED Display. Easy push buttons make setting your desired temperature simple and easy.


Plug any heater up to 1000 watt max. load into the controller with no issues. The TRUE TEMP incorporates a 3 prong receptable for virtually any heater plug. This instantly grants a temperature display range between 0-99F and a temperature set point range between 32-99F.

Cross Reference

Have you ever noticed that majority of heaters cannot be calibrated. Often times, errors do occur during the calibration process. The ability to cross reference ensures your temperature is accurate and always correct.

Smart Memory Chip

An integrated smart memory chip will restore the previous temperature set point and calibration to the last stored setting once the power returns after a failure. This alleviates having to manually reset settings forever.

Remote Temperature Probe

Most heaters have an integrated temperature probe within the same heating element. This can lead to false readings and premature ON/OFF cycles. The TRUE TEMP digital controller is equipped with a remote quick disconnect temperature probe that can be placed up to 5 feet away from the heating element for a comprehensive temperature measurement of the toal volume of water. Quick disconnect temperature probe grants easy replacement without the need to replace the entire contriller in the event in fails.


Item Description: TRUE TEMP - Digital Heater Controller

Temperature Range: 0.-99.9F

Temperature Set Point: 32-95F

Accuracy: +/- 0.5F

Cycle Point: +/- 1F

Max Load: up to 1000 Watt Capacity

Lenght: 16.7” X 1.5”

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