300 Watt Jalli Titanium Heater




The Jalli Titanium Heater uses titanium tubing for fast heat conduction. The titanium tubing resists corrosion caused by salt water or PH fluctuation of water and will not crack due to impact or high temperature. The heater has a built-in temperature sensing switch; if the heater accidently is exposed to open air during heating process, the temperature sensing switch will automatically cut off the power. After the heater returns back to normal temperature, it will then resume it's heating process.

Heater Controller is NOT included and is needed to control this heater. You can purchase our Jalli Heater Controller (JL2JT800) by clicking here.

Jalli Titanium Submersable Heater Features:

  • Titanium heating tube.
  • 300 Watt.
  • 115 Volt.
  • Model # HT-0300
  • Fully submersible.
  • Safety Shutoff.
  • Built-in temperature sensing switch.
  • Very durable & reliable.
  • Safe & easy to operate.
  • Titanium is highly resistant to chemicals normally found in saltwater.
  • Heating Tube Length: 11.5"

Approximate Heater Guide

The heater guide shows us approximate wattage depending on the size of tank and temperature difference between water of tank and room. With this new chart it allows you to achieve the desired temperature for that size tank.

T° Gal 10 20 30 40 55 75 90 120 150 180 200 250
10 FWatts538093107127147160180200213220233
15 FWatts80120140160190220240270300320330350
20 FWatts106060187213253293320360400425440467
25 FWatts200200233265316367400450500533550583
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