Coralife 30" 18 Watt 10,000K T-5 Lamp

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Coralife 30" 18 Watt 10,000K T-5  Lamp

The Coralife T-5 10,000K Daylight bulb is a purified high intensity super daylight lamp, which simulates the midday tropical sun. The rare earth color enhancing phosphors emits sparkling blue-white rays that fish, coral, macroalgae and plants will thrive under. Fits 30-inch aqualight T-5 fixtures and other similar T-5 fixtures. (18 watts)

  • 10000K Daylight
  • A powerful penetrating full specttum daylight that replicates the suns light found on living coral reefs. Exceptional high lumen output that is concentrated at the 400-480nm range which promotes zooxanthalle production increasing both coral and invertebrate growth.

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