Coralife 250 Watt 10K HQI Lamp

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The Coralife HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp, 250W, can be used to replace any 250W HQI Double Ended metal halide lamp. The 10K color temperature is most commonly used with reef aquariums.


  • Double ended bulbs for HQI metal halide systems
  • Generates less heat than screw-socket metal halide bulbs


  • 150W - 175W: up to 20" deep or mixed corals with a few SPS (small polyped stony) and clams placed high in aquarium.
  • 250W: up to 30" deep with mixed corals including SPS (small polyped stony) and clams.
  • 400W: up to 48" deep or a dedicated SPS (small polyped stony) and clam aquarium.
  • 10000K Daylight
  • A powerful penetrating full specttum daylight that replicates the suns light found on living coral reefs. Exceptional high lumen output that is concentrated at the 400-480nm range which promotes zooxanthalle production increasing both coral and invertebrate growth.

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