Coralife 24" Actinic T-5 Lamp

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Coralife 24 inch Actinic 03 (420 nm) 14 Watt T-5 Fluorescent Lamp

The Coralife T5 Actinic 03 Blue lamp is a 100% blue actinic 03 phosphor that peaks at 420 nanometers. Lighting with a higher blue component better simulates the softer shades of dusk, dawn and the blue hue of deeper water. Additionally, many marine invertebrates depend on blue light, the wavelength that most deeply penetrates water.

NOTE: The actual bulb length from pin to pin is 22.25".

  • 420nm Actinic
  • Essential for high coral and invertebrate growth. Peaking at 420nm, it emits the necessary energy required for zooxanthallae symbiosis to develop.

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